best dog shampoo

When you buy a pet from the store, it isn’t just an animal that would come for recreation purpose in the house. Taking care of a life, who can’t speak for itself is a huge responsibility. From the moment that it is an adorable pup of few months to fifteen years of lifetime, patience and care are the two utmost virtues that one should have. People usually prefer to give their dogs the food that they eat and bath them once in a fortnight with normal water.

Dogs are a lot different than us humans. So, the food that we consume or the soaps that we use aren’t the appropriate ones for dogs. Proper dog bath is necessary because it not only improves the quality of the coat, but also keeps it odor and pest free. Dog shampoo is available in the market that may not be pocket-friendly so it is not considered much.

best dog shampoo

Although it is a fact that dogs may catch infections from the surroundings where they go, play and adapt only a small amount of nutrition from the food which is given to them. If they aren’t cleansed properly, those infections can become life-threatening with age.

Medically speaking, dogs have a different kind of skin which has to be clean and smooth. They get fleas and pests which can cause dryness, itchiness, roughness and also end with shedding of fur. So, their shampoos have a different pH along with moisture that can retain the oil in their coat and keep the fur healthier.

By Sandra