Can Service Dogs Help One With Anxiety?

People have started having many anxiety-related issues, and trained Service dogs for anxiety are the best option to solve such problems. Dogs are considered the companions of people with mental and physical difficulties. They can help one be calm and anticipate sudden anxiety attacks, and sometimes they help to fetch medications for their owner. The article discusses some benefits of helping people know better about these dogs.

What does one means by service dogs?

Service dogs are the practical and emotional support of the ones suffering from mental and physical difficulties. These dogs guide people and assist those who are visually impaired. They can also be trained to help in other medical conditions like anxiety, depression, diabetes, and other chronic disorders.

Benefits of service dogs

There are several benefits of keeping service dogs, and some of them are mentioned below

  1. Helps detect the signs of anxiety attacks and controls them before it happens.
  2. Helps to fetch medications along with water during an attack.
  3. The dogs help to prevent strangers from approaching a person who is already in distress.
  4. Helps to calm down the person who is going through anxiety by licking their face or providing their paws.
  5. The dogs provide pressure therapy to soothe the pain and anxiety of the owner.
  6. Service dogs remind their owners about the medications to be taken at certain times of the day.


Service dogs are the ones that help the person to have fewer anxiety attacks; they are trained in such a way that they manage the whole situation in the best way.