For those with wavy or curly hair, the dream of smooth, straight locks is often fulfilled with just one visit to the salon. The process is revered for transforming even the curliest hair into sleek, shiny, smooth locks.

Understanding the Japanese Hair Straightening Process

Japanese hair straightening is a thorough and time-consuming process that trained professionals should only perform. The procedure usually consists of the following steps:

Consultation. During the consultation, the stylist assesses the client’s hair type, condition, and the desired result. It is essential to set realistic expectations and address any concerns before proceeding.

Hair preparation. The stylist thoroughly cleanses the hair, removing product residue and dirt. After this, the hair is dried until completely dehydrated.

Apply a straightening solution. A special straightening solution is applied to the hair, saturating it from root to tip.

Ironing. The hair is then carefully straightened with an iron heated to a specific temperature. This step is essential to fix the straightening solution and permanently change the structure of the hair.

Neutralization. After straightening the hair, a neutralizing solution is applied to restore the pH balance and fix the straightened shape. The step is vital to prevent the hair returning to its natural texture.

Rinse and condition. Hair is thoroughly rinsed, and a deep conditioning treatment is applied to restore moisture and nourish strands.

Final styling. The stylist completes the process by drying and styling the hair according to the client’s preferences. The step ensures your hair looks soft, shiny, and straight.

Aftercare instructions. The stylist provides the client with post-procedure care instructions, including recommendations for selecting appropriate hair products and avoiding actions that may compromise the longevity of the procedure.

Benefits of Japanese straightening

Japanese hair straightening has some advantages:

Permanent results. Unlike temporary straightening methods, such as using an iron, Japanese straightening provides long-term results. Permanently changes the hair structure so clients can enjoy straight hair until new hair begins to grow.

Reduce frizz. The treatment eliminates frizz, making hair more manageable, especially in humid conditions.

Time saving. Daily hair styling routines are simplified as hair requires less effort to keep hair straight.

Shine and softness. Japanese straightening leaves hair incredibly shiny and soft, improving its overall appearance.

Versatility. Even people with very curly or coarse hair can benefit from this treatment, achieving their desired sleek look.


Japanese straightening is a wonderful hair transformation process that can transform curly or wavy hair into straight and sleek locks. While it offers many benefits, including long-term results and frizz reduction, it is essential to consider factors such as hair health and growth and maintenance costs before undergoing treatment.

By Sandra