The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is now a global phenomenon and you can find it being practiced everywhere. You will not only find Yoga in all of Asia, but you will also find it in the West, Europe, and even Africa. What started as a religious practice some 5000+ years ago is now a common everyday practice that has also become a part of our language. We probably even know a friend or two that are very avid yoga participants and advocate for it all the time. If you are skeptical, you can join the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training program, or you can read through the list of benefits we mention below:

  • Early Indians believed (and still believe) that yoga has Ayurvedic benefits and can heal many physical ailments.
  • Various scientific studies have found that yoga helps people become more mindful and that mindfulness ends up stimulating more activity in the left side of the frontal cortex, which helps to increase positive feelings and reduce anxiety and negative feelings.
  • Yoga can help improve overall balance and posture, both of which are necessary to prevent a plethora of physical problems like spine-related issues.

  • People that regularly practice yoga and known to breathe deeply and correctly. When we are breathing correctly, we are calmer and able to regulate our nervous system better.
  • Practicing yoga also means improving bone and muscle health. When done correctly, yoga will make you flexible and help you strengthen your joints and bones. There are a variety of exercises that are used for bone and joint strengthening, so this can be a workout for your joints, keeping them healthy.
  • Yoga is a great way to stay in shape. Depending on the type of yoga practice you opt for, you can end up burning serious calories in a proper session.